Oakwood Cemetery Ghost Walk

Oakwood Approach 1970 for Ghost Walk

Oakwood Cemetery Ghost Walk:

The 2019 Ghost Walk will be held on Sat. Oct. 19th at Oakwood Cemetery. Tours will begin at 6:30 p.m. This year’s theme is: ‘Giants of Berlin Industry.’

Past themes include:

2017 – Soldiers in Arms, Berlin Enlists
2016 – Corpus Juris, A post mortem examination of Berlin’s ‘Bodies of Law.’
2015 – Libraries, Laundries and Hearing Voices.
2014 – Magical Learning and Sticky Situations.
2013 – Bedbugs, Broken Springs and Loose Women – a look at Berlin’s hotel industry.
2012 – Soggy Graves, Rotting Wood and Tales of the Late Unpleasantness – recognizing the anniversary of the Civil War.