Oakwood Cemetery Ghost Walk

Oakwood Approach 1970 for Ghost Walk

Oakwood Cemetery Ghost Walk:

The 15th annual Ghost Walk was held on Sunday, October 15th because of a rain delay.

We appreciate everyone who joined us for the event. The theme; Soldiers in Arms, Berlin Enlists, recognized the 100th anniversary of World War I. The stone arch at the entrance to the cemetery is dedicated to the men and women of the area who gave service to the country during this conflict.

The committee is now working on plans for 2018’s Ghost Walk, which will be held on October 13th. Theme to be announced at a later date.

Past themes include:

2017 – Soldiers in Arms, Berlin Enlists
2016 – Corpus Juris, A post mortem examination of Berlin’s ‘Bodies of Law.’
2015 – Libraries, Laundries and Hearing Voices.
2014 – Magical Learning and Sticky Situations.
2013 – Bedbugs, Broken Springs and Loose Women – a look at Berlin’s hotel industry.
2012 – Soggy Graves, Rotting Wood and Tales of the Late Unpleasantness – recognizing the anniversary of the Civil War.