David Doan

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Nominated 2013

Dave DoanThis 1982 graduate of Berlin High School went on to earn a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from UW-Platteville. It is his sideline/hobby that has earned him the title of “World Champion” and gained him a strong reputation in powerlifting. Using weightlifting as a training tool during high school and college sports, he entered his first Bench Press competition in 1989 on a dare. The next year he competed in his first National Championship and finished 4th.

Since then he has been 13 times USA Powerlifting Drug Free National Bench Press Champion; six times International Powerlifting Drug Free Bench Press World Champion and has held multiple State, National and World Records in the Bench Press.

He has coached high school lifters and volunteered to judge at high school meets for over 20 years. He also shares his passion for Drug Free Lifting through numerous speaking engagements at schools and civic groups.

His advice to youth and anyone: No matter what happens in life, stay positive and never quit. Your success will not be measured by the number of medals you win, but by the number of people you can inspire to be better than they ever thought.

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