Robert SewardA member of the 1957 Berlin High School class, Robert L. Seward, M.D. graduated from the University of Wisconsin Medical School in 1966 and has been a certified American Board Internal medicine member since 1978. He is the son of Dr. Lynn and Gladys Seward, and has a sister, Janet Jaecks. He is the lucky and proud dad to three wonderful children, Kristy Kottkey, Matt Seward, and Lori Campbell and has 4 grandsons, Andre, Henry, Sonni and Gus.

Robert learned numerous lessons from his father whose message to him was, If you see wrongs, you must stand up, speak out and take action.

Dr. Seward was an emergency room physician at Mount Vernon, Washington in1975 when he helped resuscitate his father-in-law who had been brought by ambulance. The lesson: Be prepared for all emergencies! In 1986, he had quadruple cardiac bypass himself and was back to work in six weeks being able to practice medicine vigorously for the next 19 years. The lesson: Science Works!

In 1989 he left private practice and spent 15 years in the VA, listening and learning about the vets who suffered from PTSD.

In 2009, Dr. Seward joined six other physicians and caregivers and after 42 townhalls from Oregon to Washington, formed an organization called Mad as Hell Doctors ( They advocate for health care for all Americans and believe that healthcare is a right, as in all other democracies.